Quantum Gateway

The Quantum Gateway was created to provide for all local and regional community members. We supply to any community group, but focus on creative arts, music, education and sport groups or programmes that benefit the Digbeth area. We provide:

  • Free or low cost work space
  • Flexible access times
  • Secure and reliable performance space
  • For recreational & educational use

Quantum gateway attracts a wide range of individuals:

  • School Leavers
  • College Attendee,
  • Budding creative entrepreneurs and SME owners.

We can also help with Job Seeking Activities, support individuals on ESA/DLA in regards to day to day activities. Supporting individuals; looking for work or making positive lifestyle changes. We are actively and heavily involved in the amateur and professional music community. Providing guidance, support and facilities to individuals and groups who wish to pursue these interests at a recreational or vocational level.

Our facilities are also available to the local business, education and local authorities for the use of:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Public relations purposes.

The directors are all volunteers who give their time willingly & are prepared to get their hand dirty to support worthy causes.

Quantum Gateway has become a huge success with local youth & residents some our activities are listed below:

  • Online radio station- platform for local youth culture & awareness
  • Recording studio-introduction to music production/reduction in (asbo) & crime in the area
  • Dance classes- creative release & general fitness ,reducing tobacco & alcohol addiction
  • Local fun days for the community with local resident groups
  • Five a side football- sports & recreation, general fitness
  • Nutrition seminars- positive lifestyle changes
  • Exhibitions with local charities- working with local schools.

Quantum Gateway is privately financed by donations from directors, the public, & live event fundraisers. Quantum Gateway “uniqueness” is making our organisations model one of the most exiting community projects in the UK.

Our online radio station is attracting youth talent from every city in the UK, Glasgow & even Japan. The centre manager is a good role model for the members of staff whose development he encourages. Over the last 2 years Quantum Gateway has gain growing support from the local community: who now value this as a vital local facility.